The two most important things while out on bond are:

  1. The defendant must make their court hearings on time, every time.

  2. The defendant must have a good phone number at all times to be reached for weekly check-ins.

This 4 step simplified explanation of Arrest, Bail, Court, and Case Closed helps many of our clients understand some of the basics of how the Bail Bond process works. If any of this is unclear, or if you have special circumstances, please consult your attorney, who is best trained and licensed to offer legal advice.


At the time of the arrest, the deputy (if possible) tells the defendant and the family what the charges and bond amount will be. The family can call our agency #1 Anytime Bail 24/7 at 352-563-2245, to begin the bail process.

It takes the jail approximately an hour and a half to book the defendant. The family can meet at the agency location at 1651 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy, Lecanto, FL. 34461 during that time. A bond can be posted after this work is completed.


When released from jail, the defendant has 48 hours to come in and sign the necessary bail bond paperwork. While the defendant is on bail with our agency, he or she will receive a weekly phone call to be checked in by our company. Additionally, we monitor all court dates and keep the defendant informed.

If you miss our call, you are required to call us back that day. If your call is after business hours, leave a voice message.


The defendant is out on bail for not just the first hearing, but for all court hearings until the case is closed.

During your weekly check-ins, we will do our best to remind you of upcoming court dates and times. It is your responsibility to be present and on time to all court dates.

Case Closed

Eventually, every defendant’s case will arrive at a point when the judge says “case closed”. However, for the bond itself it means that the bail agency will be discharged off of the case.  The defendant’s file with the agency will be closed and the defendant will no longer be “out on bond”.

The premium fee (what was paid to secure our services) is non-refundable. No further action is required.