Find Skip - Win a Katch 22 $25 Gift Card!

Welcome to Find Skip!

Every month we offer a Sweepstakes, that lets one lucky reader win a gift card.  It’s easy to enter the FIND SKIP monthly sweepstakes.

Here’s what you have to do to win.

Go to our Facebook page.  There you’ll find the monthly image of Skip, somewhere in Citrus County.

Then go to our Giveaway Rules page, and follow the instructions.  You’ll need to download our contact to a phone and take a picture of our contact on a phone.

Finally, go back to our Facebook page and post your picture along with your guess of where it is that Skip is this month.

That’s it. Finding Skip can be rewarding, and you’ll never be out of luck if #1 Anytime Bail 24/7 is on your phone (or even better, the phones of your friends and family). Make sure your friends and family have our contact too.  Bad things can happen to anyone, and we’re there to help you when things go sideways.

Be a winner! Find Skip, and Follow the Rules!

Good luck!